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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Wedding cake not in a cup

My friends Sara and Broomer very kindly asked me to do their wedding cake for yesterday, and were trusting enough to let me just get on with it (although I had some idea of the kind of things Sara would like, and sneak preview photo of the dress to give me some ideas!)

Although slightly nervewracking at the start of each new stage - I was very worried about the waste of effort it would have been if I messed up putting on the icing! I loved every minute of making the cake, even the hours putting on silver coated chocolate beads with a pair of tweezers. The cake is three tiers: victoria sponge, chocolate brownie and lemon sponge on top, covered in pearlised and silver icing, with hundreds of silver dragees and sugar diamonds, with some (non-edible!) sugared ivy to go with the natural leaves and branches used for decor at the party.

On the fully-blinged photo above the cake doesn't look that big, so here's a photo of the cakes in development (bottom and top layers covered with smooth vanilla and lemon curd buttercreams to make a nice base layer for the icing). You may note that the base layer is almost as big as the hob! (And that I was having a between-stage pot of tea!)

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