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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Back ... almost

I've certainly been back in the kitchen after a few weeks squeezing it whenever possible, but I've still been way too busy to write about baking as well as bake!

Have done a few great orders for parties and weddings, which has been fun if a little stressful at times! I did some super glammed (chavved up) chocolate cupcakes for a party this weekend - look at 'em ready for the off.

I've also been branching out into the world of cakes not in a cup for the Dulverton market. Carrot cakes, sponges, scones and flapjacks seem to go down much better than cup cakes :o( It's interesting to diversify though. This week's sale will include carrot cake, victoria sponge, coffee and walnut sponge, honey nut chocolate tiffin, scones, and boxes of rose and chocolate cupcakes (separate - not both flavours together...). Let me know any favourites, recommendations or requests!

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