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Saturday, 20 March 2010

First Wivey Market sale

I've been having a well earned rest this afternoon after my first Wivey Market sale (plus a bit of tea and cake of course). All went well and I sold 40 cupcakes in total, which was not bad at all for three hours on a drizzly Somerset morning. Not quite enough to be giving up the day job just yet, but one has to start somewhere!

The punters' favourite flavours were Chocolate Chocolate (popular with those who planned to eat immediately!) and Luscious Lemon (sold out!). The WI ladies confirmed that lemon is often the most popular cake choice (followed by ginger, so I can sense a new recipe coming on...). Delectable Date 'n' Walnut obviously didn't look delectable enough, so I'll need a new flavour for next month's sale anyway. I also didn't need to take as many Very Vanilla, which I thought would be more popular, and they looked so pretty in their spotty cases (thanks Ann!).

All in all not a bad day's work, and at least we have plenty of neighbours willing to eat the leftovers...

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