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Saturday, 15 May 2010

May's Wivey Market

Well, it might be next to a big metal cupboard and a fire hose, but I LIKE my little corner at the Wivey Market! Here's a picture of my display, with new stands from Mum and Dad (thanks!) and May's flavour of the month, Caramel Crunch.

Another good day today - the sun was shining, so people were shopping. Sold 80 cupcakes, which is not bad for three hours trading. Had just enough donate a few to my friends in Whelan's Cafe and Thorne's the Butchers!


  1. Can I order 4 caramel crunch for the surf fest weekend please - and as I'm like joey Tribbiani Linda doesn't share food!!! (well superdooper cupcakes anyway)can you give them to me secretly? so I won't feel that guilty eating them all to myself!!!!! WAHAHAHH (evil laught!!) I guess I might share them with my husband????!!!!

  2. Kryptonite Karen will certainly be able to supply Linda Tribbiani with top secret cupcakes. Red squirrel flies at midnight WAHAHAHAHHHH back atcha!